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159-21 Cross Bay Boulevard

Howard Beach, NY 11414

Kids get these important vitamins
and minerals every time they brush

with VitaminpasteKids

The mineral calcium is used to build strong bones and teeth. Calcium also whitens teeth gently and safely*

Vitamin D is essential for
absorption and metabolism
of calcium*

Vitamin B5 metabolize fats and carbohydrates, releasing energy*

Vitamin B6 maintains
hormonal balance and
proper immune function*

Vitamin E is an antioxidant
and helps protect cells from
damaging free radicals

Vitamin B3 (niacin) plays
an important role in 

energy metabolism*

A few smiles from our customers


Brooklyn, New York

I'm careful about what I give to my kids. Vitaminpaste Kids is safe so 
don't have to supervise them when
they brush.


Grand Rapids, Michigan

My kids don't always eat right. Knowing they're getting extra vitamins when they brush their teeth make me a whole lot happier.


Paramus, New Jersey

I bought Vitaminpaste for  my kids.

Then I decided to pick up a tube of the Adult for myself. Who doesn't need  a few extra Vitamins and Minerals ?


Sheffield, Massachusetts

I'm a Mom with not a lot of time. My children are getting Vitamins just by brushing their teeth! Thank you Vitaminpaste Kids!

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