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159-21 Cross Bay Boulevard

Howard Beach, NY 11414

About Dr. Bruce Golden

Over a thirty year career in practicing dentistry, Dr. Golden created Vitaminpaste toothpaste, one of the biggest innovations in oral care. A toothpaste for adults that delivers extra vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants every time they brush. 

After the success of Vitaminpaste Adult, Dr. Golden sought to provide an answer to his patients’ perennial question of what the best toothpaste was for their kids.


Kid’s toothpaste has always included artificial coloring, flavors, sparkles, and packaging with cartoon characters. These have nothing to do with oral hygiene or any other added benefits. Instead, they are used as tricks by big brands to condition kids and parents to look for them when deciding which toothpaste to purchase. 

Now there is a new toothpaste for kids. VitaminpasteKids is the first ADDED BENEFIT toothpaste for children where kids get at least 50% of their daily vitamins D, E, B3, B5, and B6 by brushing as directed.

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