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159-21 Cross Bay Boulevard

Howard Beach, NY 11414

The study was conducted by the
University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine, 
Department of Periodontics

Department of Periodontics

School of Dental


Children 4-13 years of age get at least 50% of their

daily Vitamins D, E, B3 (niacin), B5 (pantothenic

acid) & B6 by brushing as directed 3 times per day.

Vitaminpaste® Kids toothpaste contains ingredients

that are safe to ingest and also provides a dietary

supplement of vitamins and minerals.

Vitaminpaste® Kids toothpaste is fluoride free

and thus eliminates the risk of dental and skeletal

fluorosis due to fluoride toothpaste ingestion.

The taste of Vitaminpaste® Kids toothpaste

was generally liked by most subjects.

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